Who, Me?

Hola, Beetches. I’m Kate, a 50-something wannabe hippy, curious about the world and eager for adventure. I love silly & youthful mixed-media art projects. I’m prone to picking up second-hand throw aways for my creative pursuits, adding my own flair to discarded paintings or decorating and repurposing a bust of a Roman General as a holder for my headphones & glasses. The better part of these creations built upon creations are not meant for keeping, just for doing – for feeling – and I typically send them right back to the Goodwill.

By way of heredity, I cry at pretty much the drop of a hat – like that one time I cried watching an ice skater tear up the rink – a beautiful and inspired streak of sequined green skipping and twirling and dancing across the ice; Or the other time I gushed over my daughter’s cats cuddling- arms flung over each other’s shoulders like besties, although they didn’t care for one another; And then there’s when I sobbed as Kermit and Miss Piggy reconciled their love in 2011’s The Muppets – tear jerker!

Adverse to my sensitive side, I talk like a Trucker, or a Sailor, or whichever one uses the F-word more frequently. A good curse word can taste pretty good on the ol’ tongue when it’s called for – and when it’s not, for that matter. But, in the interest of my readers, I’ll try not to overwhelm you guys too fucking much.

“Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”
—Mark Twain

Word, Twain.

4 thoughts on “Who, Me?

  1. Dear KT—This is your Auntie Sherry speaking. I just finished my memoir, NOW I ASK YOU . . . Questions and Reflections on Everyday Life, and felt pretty good about it. Until I read your blog. Now I feel like I should just throw away my 24th book! I wish I could write like you! You are soooo creative! And the way you weave your words together is magical. I am so jealous! Of course you must come for a visit! Can’t wait to see you!—Love

    1. Awe, Aunt Sherry, thanks so much for your words – I appreciate you so much! I’m certain your book is as amazing as all the others – talk about an accomplishment!! Working to following in the footsteps of you & Pops – and REALLY working to monetize it all!! Off we go! Eager to read your book!! See you soon! <3

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