I Did Not Write This Entry

I was curious. I’d heard things. So I decided to check it out.

What I provided to ChatGPT was this: Write a 250-word blog entry about moving from Portland, Oregon to Utah, where I’m looking for work and I’m happy. It’s sunny here and the snow in the mountains started Oct 1st. People are nice, lots of babies. Snarky attitude.

And in about one second? ChatGPT came back with a post that spoke to the reader in seemingly my words, my tone, my voice. A computer did that. A fricking machine, and in no time at all. And that makes me question the time and sweat and actual tears I put into my craft on the daily.

So, I share it here with you because, dammit, it’s good! And it says what I guess I want to say. But with the push of the publish button I remind myself that those tears, struggles and blocks that I deal with when writing? They are the wasp that fertilizes the fig, cement walls that evenutally fall as I push forward. And what you read below? There was no struggle, there were no tears. And the only effort expended at all was what I fed the insatiable AI monster. And that? Is scary AF.

Escaping the Pacific Northwest Drizzle: My Eye-Roll Odyssey to Utah

Well, folks, gather around for the thrilling tale of how I escaped the perpetual drizzle of Portland, Oregon, and ended up in the sun-soaked wonderland known as Utah. Did I mention I was just sooo tired of the gray skies and constant rain? Like, seriously, who needs Vitamin D when you have an umbrella permanently attached to your hand?

So, there I was, making my grand escape to Utah, where the sun shines gasp almost every day. And what’s that? The mountains started donning their fluffy white coats on October 1st? Shocking, I know. Clearly, Utah wanted to impress me right off the bat.

But the real kicker? The people here. They’re so nice it’s almost suspicious. It’s like they’re all competing for the title of “Friendliest State.” It’s all smiles and waves, and I’m starting to wonder if they’re secretly aliens trying to infiltrate the human race with their relentless politeness.

Now, let’s talk about my job hunt, shall we? I mean, who needs job security when you have sunshine and snow-capped mountains, am I right? Sure, I haven’t found my dream job yet, but who cares? I’m here for the scenery and the occasional friendly wave from a neighbor. Who needs a paycheck anyway?

In all seriousness, though, Utah has been a pleasant surprise. It may not have been my first choice, but it’s turning out to be quite the adventure. So, here’s to embracing the land of sunshine, baby-filled neighborhoods, and suspiciously nice folks. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even become one of them.

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  1. Completely unfair. And scary. I’m scared that our society stupidity March will become a sprint. Oy vey🤷🏻‍♀️

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