Color Me Curious

Yeah, yeah, I know all the adages about curiosity – some complete with dire warnings. Contrarily, I’ve heard that inquisitiveness has the ability to conquer fear more eaisly than even bravery – which makes sense in a Orwellian sort of way. I mean, come on, we’ve seen all the films where bravado is borne from what exactly? An eye opener, as it were – more than a general interest, but a need to find some truth – probably one which nobody wishes to address. And, as comic Stephen Wright said, “Curiosity may have killed the cat, but for a while I was suspect.”

To clarify, I’ve never, nor ever would I, kill a cat. I mean, I gots crazy cat lady written all over me for sure, but everyone knows we CCLs are certainly not homicidal. We crazy in a different way. But, as is me, I’m off on a tangent and this post isn’t about being crazy, a cat person or a combination of the two at all. (Long as we’re talking animals, I do dig dogs enough – other people’s dogs, that is. I’m adverse to uninvited wet tongues all over my face, and who wants to pick up warm shit? Not this girl.)

This entry? Is about curiosity. And curiosity? Is super good for us, turns out. Research shows it to be associated with higher levels of positive emotions, lower levels of anxiety, more satisfaction with life and greater psychological well-being. Curiosity expands empathy, as we share concern for those we care about. It helps us problem solve, assisting in thinking outside the box. And we’re better decision makers as a result of continued questioning and learning, offering more resources and information to tap into when thinking critically.

And all that’s just the nuts and bolts of the whole thing – the mechanics – and the true meaning outside of what you find on And the very real chemicle processes of the brain makes it all worthwhile. That’s not the complete definition of the word, though. Curiosity is an action, it’s taking a step outside of what’s comfortable, it’s squinting your eyes to see beyond the visible light spectrum. And curiosity? Is fuckin’ fun, man.

My curiosity has taken me a lot of places – buried in the pages of a good book, deep in a rabbithole about history or science, down a few back alleys, around the world. And, whether near or far from home, I work to synergize my inquisitiveness with my adventures. I guess in this, I’ve become the old stand-by Cliff Claven, always with a tidbit of silly knowledge I’ve pulled from exploits. Holy balls, have I become the annoying know-it-all??

In the end, I suppose there are worse things than spouting off weird trivia that probably no one really cares about. And since I do have a wicked curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn new things, guess it’s not likely to change any time soon. And if I didn’t have such a desire? Would you know that Scottland’s national animal is a unicorn? Or that Australia is wider than the moon? Or that only four words in the English language end in the letters “ous”? (Horrendous, tremendous, hazardous, and stupendous.) And that? Will help your Wordle game. You’re welcome.

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