Ounces to Ounces, Dust to Dust

I am a life hack nerd. The cool tricks and tips I’ve learned for daily tasks are indispensable wisdom – some that offer the layman a new way of looking at things, some that offer a step-by-step guide to solvency. And some? In one, out the other, and away on a cloud of ignorance.

By which I say, life hacks are pretty cool for the most part, but I’m super good at forgetting pretty much any pro tip that comes my way, as well as pretty much immediately. But for here and there – I do find myself leaning on some old go-to’s.

This, however? May be my favorite, and I’ve used it many times over, however allagorical it may seem. And in favor of sharing the wealth? Now the reader may claim the same knowledge as I. And here it is: The Ounce House.

Once upon a time there was an Ounce House, inside which were two tables, each with three teacups neatly placed upon them. The end.

And in that short, plotless story? Lies an ever reminder of baking conversions. And now you gots it too. You’re welcome.

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