Some Other Beginning’s End

This? Is the last day I will walk this earth in this skin. It’s the last day I will breathe the air with these lungs. And it’s the last day I will take clippers with the number one guard to my scalp. At least as a 50-year-old woman.

Tomorrow? Is a day of FIRSTS. A first day in the skin of a 51-year-old woman. A first day seeing through my can-you-believe-they’re-still-functioning eyes. A first day of waking and walking, moving and meditating. And for the next 365 I will experience daily firsts with the wisdom of half a century behind me.

And the thing is? I’m so looking forward to the next year. I feel a sense of excitment I’ve never really felt about the “unknown” – or at least never allowed myself to recognize. Maybe out of fear? But, here I am today, saying Adios to fi’ty, in appreciation and gratitude of the experiences I’ve had in the last year, while at the same time, stupid excited to see what is upcoming for me. It’s gonna be awesome!!

On a mostly unrelated note: I’m off to buzz my head, and I’m expecting this to be the last time. Yeah, EVAH. I bought all the accoutrements necessary to make it an easy go – Biotin, Collagen, hats. So here we go, Ch, ch, ch, Chia! Woop!

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