V for Vucking Vendetta

There are a lot of really cool things I can do with my tongue but rolling my R’s isn’t one of them. I know, I know- I’ve heard it all before and a million times over: Lightly place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, relax and blow softly. There are so many dirty jokes in that one description, I just can’t.

I’ve been physically working at this silly task since I was a young kiddo, still wet behind the ears – which, coincidentally, is another super weird thing to say. It’s not as if some sticky birth fluid was still stuck back there at an age when I was able to articulate my frustration at not being able to do said tongue rolling.

So we’re clear, I’m talking about the trill sound- rolling my tongue up like a taco is one of those cool things I mentioned above. It’s certainly not the coolest thing I can do but, hey, who doesn’t like tacos and tongues? Wow, I’m on a roll today – omg, a tongue roll, what!!

In the end, I’ve decided to set a goal to get ‘er done, already. I’ve done some very important internet research and apparently, I can learn the skill in one to two weeks with the appropriate practice. And I’m super excited because my machine gun sound game is about to change. Stay tuned!

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