Two days ago I left San Diego and one of my life-long besties to continue my journey trippin’ with Trix. Our time with Sarah in SoCal was amazing, filled with stupid shenanigans, a fuckton of laughter, and new matching tattoos. I’ve known Cabbie, as I call her, going on 30 years now, and I’m grateful to have her in my life as a supportive and ever-there BFF, and that’s reciprocated wholeheartedly. We will miss her more than we can express, and I’m sure she’s excited to have a home free of cat toys everywhere once again.  

For sure Trix wasn’t happy with me, I’ll say outright. I took her away from the comfortable space she had barely become accustomed to and shoved her back into a tiny car for an 11-hour drive. And while I’d never taken her on a quest longer than seven hours- with a two-hour break somewhere in the middle, she didn’t love the extended trek. To say she was pissed off? Would be a massive understatement. 

Still we made it, running through beautiful country with trusty Wilma speeding us along. The hot and dry Mohave desert, bright and sparkly Las Vegas, and late night drive through Southern Utah lit by a full moon, made for an easy, if not lengthy trip. We landed at our next destination of Provo, home of the BYU Cougars, a ton of young Mormons with babies, and another life-long bestie. 

We made it to Suzanne’s place at 1:30 am, and like old friends do, we stayed up a few more hours, gabbing about everything, and talking like a roadmap- off on side tangents before remembering the main road we were traveling. And, not surprisingly, we haven’t shut up since. Suzy’s boyfriend Brian would half endearingly say it’s me who hasn’t shut up, but since he’s never seen us together, he’s got some learning to do. So, whatever. (Related: My spellcheck didn’t catch that I had inadvertently written “he’s got some leaving to do”, and I just changed it while editing. Funny slip given we’ve told him he may want to check outta here after a few days of hanging out with us! Oh, sweet reprieve from the non-stop chats & giggles!) 

Last night, after spending two sleeps at Suzy’s place, we headed North about an hour away to Brian’s in South Salt Lake. Finally, after five homes in about ten weeks, Trix is figuring it all out, grasping that we’re hopping in the car, only to hop out again soon.

Our plan is to stay here for about a month – maybe longer – and my goal is to keep on writing, working on that bestseller, as I do. Along the way, I expect to have some fun and purposeful experiences with both old and new friends. And so far? In just two days, I’ve been to a birthday party, coming to know and enjoy a dozen or so new people, and spent time with Suzanne’s family, whom I’ve known my whole life. So I’d say? It’s all working out alright. And I continue to feel just a whole fuckton of gratitude for it all.

Ugh, soo tired of this question…
Answer: 1.) Nunya, and B.) Or something.

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