Glitter is Always an Option

This getting old thing isn’t for the faint of heart. And, as I’m typing that I’m realizing how redundant the sentence is. Physically, anyway: Nope, it sure ain’t.   

For the most part, I like getting older – and, as I’ve said before, quite surprisingly, I like myself getting older. I don’t care as much about my appearance – especially my hair, if it’s not glaringly apparent. I’m smarter than I used to be, finally getting wise to the idea that the bra is a ridiculous contraption – guys, can you imagine wearing a jockstrap all day? And I’m more kind than ever toward a person I only recently realized is incredibly important in my life: Me.

I don’t love waking up with aches and pains in spite of the fact that all I did was sleep, supposedly comfortably. I don’t love carrying an extra pair of glasses around to read the small print – although they don’t help any when I’m trying to put mascara on and can’t see my eyes clearly. And, I’m not exactly fond of the ever-deepening race track lining my forehead, but not so much that I’m willing to stick a needle into it to smooth it out. (But, since I’m working to speak in definitives less often, while today the idea freaks me the hell out, I’ll admit I may yet stab myself in the name of aesthetics. Who knows?)

I came across a meme once that referred to middle age as nothing more than walking around all day trying to remember what you were doing and where you left your stuff. That sounds like my life in a nutshell, and my ADD is a willing accomplice. 

And while we’re on the topic of ADD and nuts, like the one-second attention span of a squirrel that increases to four minutes when focussed on an acorn? Speaking metaphorically, I’ve been known to have laser focus on nuts as well. Almost as often as I do everything in my power to avoid focusing on the nuts – especially if they’re hairy, metaphor be damned!   

Annnnnd – squirrel! – my ADD took me off subject. But at least I wrote some, so Ima post it as a blog entry – screw consistent subject matter. And for some reason? I’m craving cashews. Nom, nom, nom.

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