A Sweetums, a Fancy-Free & Two Pussies

So here we are, Trix and I, dropping our sparse belongings at my friend’s home for the week. These friends are two of my favorite people in the world, and being here is bound to be, as always, a ton of stupid fun. Adulting? Overrated. 


Being back here is a perfect sendoff to my long trip. And acclimating my Trixie kitty with the animal farm that is this home? Makes the entertainment endless. Ruby, a two-year-old 115 lb Rottweiler, is about the sweetest big dumb dog I’ve ever met. All she wants is to love those around with ALL of her, throwing her gigantic body at you as she doles out wet kisses with a tongue so huge that your entire face is drenched in drool.

I mean, the Muppets have Sweetums. Then again, Sesame Street is in the ‘hood & the big yellow bird is awfully suspicious….

Mr. Biggs is the most happy-go-lucky, just-go-with-it furball I’ve ever seen. A year old King-Cav-Cock-Poo or something equally hilarious, he is soft like a polyester stuffed animal and comically dopey. I’m not sure he really knows what’s going on when he follows Ruby – fast as he can keep up, to assault Trix with affection. While Ruby is desperately wanting to meet the new elusive animal hidden behind the door, Biggs is just following along. And within minutes, as a bored Biggs walks away, ol’ Ruby Boobie keeps vigil outside the room, her frustrated huffs audible from the crack beneath the door where her head lay faithfully. 

And then we have the cat. Mai Thai is a gorgeous Highland shorthair, with beautiful tawny and gray markings and sturdy ears that fold backward. When adopted, she was living with a dog groomer, happily stomping about with breeds of all shapes and sizes. So while she has no problems with the barkers, when we landed she had never seen another cat before.


Two days later, they are curled up on the same couch. No big love or anything like Rubes or Biggs excitedly want to dispense, but it’s a good start. And I’m thinking by the time we head out of town, they’ll actually miss one another. 

And I got a pretty big heart!

But the dogs? Trixie is more apt to run out and meet the ten chickens in the backyard than cuddle up with the pups. I expect, though, in our travels we’ll be meeting many of ’em as we go. And hopefully, next return trip home, my little girl will have developed some balls and will puff up her chest in bravery rather than peeing all over the place in fear. And meanwhile? I will happily pretend she will always stay my tiny little baby who needs her mama to protect her.

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